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Most Popular Home Styles in Florida

Choosing a style of home in Florida might be a daunting task at first, as there are so many to choose from in the market. There is a wide range of architectural styles in Florida, from beachfront bungalows to Spanish- and Art Deco-inspired homes. We’ll walk you through the most popular home styles in Florida right now in this article. 

Spanish style 

Many Florida coverage areas have a strong Spanish influence, which is reflected in the architecture. It’s no surprise that the Spanish-style home is so popular in this area. Loved for its laid-back vibe, this exotic design can be found primarily in Florida’s coastal cities, which makes them great for young couples. The stucco walls and flat, tiled roofs of Florida blend in perfectly with the palm trees and gorgeous scenery. Arches, complex window designs, and brightly colored doors are common features of Spanish-style homes. The clay-tiled roofs are also an excellent way to keep the house cool during Florida’s sweltering summers. 

Spanish-style houses are very popular in Florida


Open floor plans and high ceilings are hallmarks of this contemporary design, which appeals to many Florida homebuyers. This style was born in the first quarter of the 20th century when the home’s structure didn’t have to be limited to just concrete, steel, and glass. The term “contemporary architecture” refers to designs that are currently in vogue. Because it is not a single style, it has been narrowed and excludes some historical styles. But because of its versatility, though, you can find a contemporary house and settle anywhere in the state. Keep in mind to hire a moving company if you make a long-distance move. Contemporary is one of the most popular home styles in Florida because these homes have enough space for everyone in the family, a new structure, and robust stucco finishes reinforced with a rain screen that can withstand the elements. 

Victorian style 

You can find the majority of Victorian-style homes in Central Florida. These homes are perfect for people who want to upsize, as they are usually on the bigger side. There are a lot of beautiful decorations and embellishments on the windows of the porches and moldings of Victorian-style homes. Older-style houses like these are more widespread in Florida’s more established neighborhoods. In Victorian-style architecture, there is generally a preference for smaller windows. This architectural style features long, slender lines to lead the eye upward. You can also find an extremely steeply pitched roof in some of these structures. They’re thin and tall structures with a variety of shapes. Victorian architecture is known for its asymmetrical design. This means that the structure of this house type can include both circular and rectangular shapes. 

The beauty of the Victorian style attracts many homebuyers in Florida.

In Florida, you’ll see a lot of houses built in this design. Ranch-style homes are typically single-story structures with linked garages at the far end. It’s easy to get around these residences, especially for the elderly, because everything is on the same level. They are also easy to keep cool during the summer for the same reason. Due to the available space with this architectural style, you have much freedom for additions. For example, you can easily add a screened-in porch to a home with this type of design. Its original design was simple and unadorned. A less formal way of life and open floor designs characterize these residences. What makes ranch-style architecture recognizable is an open floor plan with a low, long roofline. And despite the addition of more dramatic elements like cathedral ceilings and various rooflines as the design garnered acclaim, the underlying principle remained the same throughout. 

Ranch-style houses are commonly U-, L-, or rectangular-shaped. Some rooms get a view of both the rear and front of the house, thanks to the home’s long horizontal structure. This is one of the most popular home styles in Florida because you can easily separate the sleeping and living areas with this design. 

Mediterranean style 

The Mediterranean home design is also trendy in Florida. As with the Spanish style, Mediterranean architecture features stucco walls and tiled roofs.  Delicate and elaborate designs often embellish doors and windows in this style. On top of that, they frequently have ornate iron balconies. What differentiates them from the Spanish style is their roofs. These roofs aren’t flat but instead often inclined, which shows the difference. You can enjoy the design of these houses along Florida’s coast and enjoy a piece of the Mediterranean.   

Mediterranean architecture is one of the most popular home styles in Florida. 


Art-Deco architecture is commonplace in large cities like Orlando, Miami, and other portions of Florida’s southeastern coast. Anyone looking for an ultramodern home will love this brightly colored, art-inspired design. Despite the fact that this design is usually prevalent in corporate or business buildings, there are often residences in the Art deco districts in major cities, too.  

Here’s what makes these homes in Florida have a distinct appeal: 

  • Walls—Art deco homes are notable for their white stucco walls, which are smooth and uniform. The home’s façade may include rectangular shapes with rounded corners 
  • Decorations—Many art deco homeowners decorate their properties with a variety of bold and unusual items. Pops of bright color and unusual design features like zigzag lines and flowers or tropical birds are quite common in this type of design 
  • Experimenting with new materials—An important part of the design process. Art deco home designers think beyond the box when it comes to innovative additions to the inside and exterior of their properties. In Florida, this sort of home stands out from the rest thanks to its use of chrome, mirrors, glass, neon, and more 
  • Flat roofs—Art deco homes have flat roofs in order to mirror the clean lines in the rest of the home. 

Final words on the most popular home styles in Florida 

We hope our guide has given you an insight into the most popular home styles in Florida. If you’re looking to buy property in Florida, you now know what to look for. Or, if you’re building your own residence, you can choose from a wide range of options and incorporate them into your home. It’s up to you to decide which of these architectural types you like. 

Written by Betty White

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