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How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer



Summer is coming and here in Palm Beach, Florida, we know what that means. Barbecues, swimming, parades and parties on the Fourth of July, fun in the sun, and, of course, plenty of hot hot heat.

While spending a day out in the sunshine can be a lovely summertime activity, chances are you will not want the hot to overwhelm you when you come home. For many, the heat of summer can be a huge annoyance, keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep and overwhelming you with oppressive heat.

Luckily, there are a range of ways to keep your home cool this summer. In this article, we will take a look at a variety of ways to cool down your home, from smart tech renovations to DIY life hacks. Let’s take a look!

Seal Up The Gaps

If your home air conditioning system is on full blast but you just can’t seem to keep your room cool, there may be a simple culprit. If there are any gaps around the door or windows, chances are your cool air is simply escaping and evaporating straight into the heavy hot atmosphere outside.

Try to prevent cold air from escaping by using a draught excluder around doors and windows. Seal up gaps in the caulking. And when you really need the cold air the most, make sure to keep the doors closed to rooms you aren’t using. That way you can concentrate the cooling effect to a single isolated area of the home.

Control The Air Flow

There are a few ways to control the flow of cool air throughout your house. If you are using an evaporative air conditioner, the cooling effect will be more efficient if you open certain doors and windows throughout your home. Try experimenting with different combinations of open doors and windows until you find the perfect route of directed air flow through your home. This can go a long way towards cooling your home overall.

Another smart approach is to channel cool air with an electric fan. If your air conditioning system doesn’t reach rooms in the middle of your house, position an electric fan so that it will pull the colder air through to those harder to reach rooms.

For an extra cool DIY life hack, you can even place a bowl of ice in front of your electric fan. The fan will pick up on the cold currents evaporating form the bowl and transform into a natural air conditioning mist machine. This trick can turn your fan into an extra cooling icy breeze machine for cheaper than an entire brand new air conditioning unit.

Smart Thermostat

One of the best innovations to emerge out of the recent craze for smart home tech gadgets is the smart thermostat. By installing a smart thermostat in your home you can gain much more precise control over the climate in specific parts of your house. The smart thermostat connects to your home’s Wi-fi network and, using AI technology, can automatically detect when a room is empty or when it is occupied.

If no one is inside a room for a specified amount of time, the smart thermostat will turn off the cooling functions in that room, which helps you conserve precious energy. Cooling down rooms, particularly in the heat of summer, requires huge amounts of energy that can add up to costly monthly utility bills for homeowners. With the smart thermostat you can reduce energy waste while keeping your home comfortably cool.

You can also access the smart thermostat remotely, so if you are on your way home from work, the beach, shopping, or anywhere else, you can set the temperature to start cooling down as you approach. By the time you get home, your home will be cool and refreshing, but without the unnecessary energy waste that comes from leaving the A/C running all day long.

Block Out The Heat

One smart approach to cooling your home is to help reduce the amount you need to cool down your home in the first place. Keep your blinds closed throughout the day, particularly on north-facing windows. Or install some blackout curtains that will act as a protective screen against the unrelenting heat of the direct summer sun.

You can also try to prevent heat from entering your home by installing new forms of shade around the exteriors of your home. Overhanging window awnings, large potted plants, and special outside blinds can all provide much needed shade that will keep out the heat during the day. Try tinting your windows and make sure your ceiling is well insulated. Not only will this keep the heat from filling your home in summer, it will also help preserve a cozy atmosphere in the winter. Try planting trees with larger leaves outside the windows and doors that will catch the most direct sunshine throughout the summer days. These will provide natural heat blocking shade, and create a pleasant aesthetic atmosphere in your lawn or garden.

Change Your Lightbulbs and Textiles

While heavy blankets can keep you cozy in wintertime, summer is the perfect time to pack those extra blankets away. Break out the light hued textiles for your bedding, curtains, and any other textiles you have throughout the house. Cotton fabrics are a great choice for summer textiles; from clothing to bed sheets, cotton will help keep you cool. As a material, cotton is extra breathable, so it can actually help keep your body cool while still protecting you from direct sunlight.

Summer is also the perfect time to change out your lightbulbs. Incandescent lightbulbs actually produce a huge amount of heat. So just as you might want to avoid using your oven during the height of summer, you will also want to swap out your heat-producing incandescent lightbulbs for bulbs that save energy. Energy-saving lightbulbs, like LED lightbulbs, can help keep your home cooler. And, like the smart thermostat, they can help cut down on wasted energy usage- which means lower monthly utility costs for you.

Change Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ever come home from the heat, laid down on the floor, and watched the ceiling fans circulating hot air around and around in despair, you’re not alone. While it may seem counterintuitive, your ceiling fans can actually be counterproductive to cooling down your home. It all depends on the direction of the spin. When your ceiling fan rotates clockwise, it may just be rotating hot air around and around.

Adjust your ceiling fan so that it rotates counter-clockwise. That way it will push warm air straight down, which creates a cooler atmosphere in the room. Spinning clockwise your ceiling fan will pull the cool air up, which is counterproductive for hot summer days. Set your fan speed on high to cool the room more effectively during the hottest season. As long as your ceiling fan is rotating in the right direction, it can help amplify the effects of your other cooling devices, like air conditioning units.


Final Thoughts: Adjust To The Season

With all of these home upgrades and life hacks, your home will stay cooler and your bills will be lower. But during the hot summer season, there are other ways that you can keep cool as well, even when you are outside. Adjust to the heat of the season by hanging out outside in the cooler times of day, like early morning and evening time.

During the day you can close the windows, draw the curtains, pull the blinds, and stay inside, protected from the heat of the day by shade. When the air outside cools down for evening, open up your windows and take advantage of the reprieve from the heat to air out your interiors, without the A/C blasting. Try cooking dinner outdoors in your backyard to avoid the discomfort of cooking in a hot, steamy kitchen. After all, there’s a reason that barbecues are so pervasive during the summer months.

And, finally, if the heat is really getting to you and the air conditioning just isn’t cutting it, find ways to cool down your body before you adjust your home’s climate. Take an icy cold shower for an instant refresher. Place a cold damp washcloth on your forehead and wrists while you sleep to help regulate your body temperature. Sip cold refreshing drinks, and take a dip into the ocean to help cool you down. Combined with all the home upgrades and life hacks outlined above, you’ll be sure to stay cool all summer long.

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