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Luban Quiceno

CEO & Founder


Luban Quiceno is a natural leader. With over decades of business experience, his passion for
helping people is the spark that pushed him to become a Real Estate Broker who specializes in
the Palm Beach and South Florida market. Born and raised in a family that was always involved
in the Real Estate industry, Luban has been engaged in building, buying, selling, and renting
properties from an early age. This initial exposure to the sector was primordial in his
understanding of the importance of making substantial investments that secure your family’s
financial future. Luban, was licensed in 2014, and he believes there is no investment that offers
more security than Real Estate does. Following his youth’s involvement with his family
business, Luban obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, in his native city of
Medellin, Colombia. That education; alongside, the industry aptitude passed down from his
father, was a significant part of what inspired Luban to create Treasure Property Group.

Luban, is a family man, who holds his faith and spirituality close to his heart. He makes sure his
brokerage offers the same top-quality service as he does. His dedication is the same towards
affluent investors and modest home buyers. His goal is to be known for serving the community
members like no other brokerage in the state. The value that his team has in building a client’s
trust and having the opportunity to serve them is like no other. At Treasure Property Group,
success is measured based on the level of trust that clients place on the team. That is the reason
why the slogan is “Your Trust Our Treasure.”

Dedication, loyalty, and understanding of the client’s needs are some of the aptitudes that
differentiate Luban from other industry professionals. As a family guy, he enjoys spending time
with his wife Paola, and his three kids. Stop by the office to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with
Luban about the best tips for investing, or ask him about his 20 siblings!

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Contact Luban Quiceno

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