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When do you decorate your home? Here are some ideas!

When do you begin to decorate your home for the holiday season?

Treasure Property Group conducted a little survey in the office and asked the Treasure family; around what time do the Christmas decorations come out? When do people begin to decorate their homes?

“Right after Thanksgiving!” our software and tech intern Karissa said.

“Usually it’s around thanksgiving, like the end of November,” agent Alex Rios said.

The rest of the answers were the same… almost everyone said that they begin to decorate their homes towards the end of November after Thanksgiving.

Except our Chief Operating Officer Hugo, who said he starts decorating in early November. Too soon? Someone really loves the holidays…

Christmas time is an exciting season for many people. The different activities, foods, and decorations make it magical.

So Treasure Property Group wants to join in on the fun. As Christmas and holiday decor is being put out, we want to give you some great ideas on how to make your own Christmas decorations!

It’s called DIY: Doing It Yourself.

When decorating on a budget, there are many great ideas to make your own ornaments!

Your new friends for these projects will be your local craft stores, the dollar tree, and art supply shop.

DIY Christmas decor ideas:

  • Christmas ornaments; Many craft stores sell clear glass/plastic ornaments to make them personalized. If you have a certain aesthetic you are going for, this is a great way to customize them! You can add glitter, paint them, or be creative in different ways! It is also a great way to pass the time with a friend!


  • Spray Paint Pinecones! Spray painting pinecones in Christmas colors, (white, silver, gold, red) is a fun way to decorate on a budget. You can use them to create centerpieces, Christmas tree ornaments, or wreaths!


  • Assemble a letter banner. With some string, some wooden letters, and some paint, you can create holiday words and sayings to hang around the house!


  • Create a paper forest tree! With some paper and scissors, you can cut out cute Christmas trees and put them on a coffee table, to make it seem like a small winter forest. Need inspiration? Youtube is a great platform to teach you how to do it!


  • Ribbon Bows! Buy different fabrics and cloths to make ribbon bows! You can hang them on doors, trees, and more. By making them different sizes and colors, you can really spice up the home. You can even make small ribbons to attach around the fancy dinner table silverware!


What a good way to TIE around the list of ideas… get it?


Not everyone is handy with arts and crafts, but the reason you should consider making your own DIY Christmas decorations is because it personalizes them, they can be done with friends and family, and it brings out the holiday spirit!

Treasure Property Group wants to share valuable content to the community. We want to show you how much we TREASURE your friendship.

And remember, if you are looking to move into the perfect home, let us help! We are here to guide you in all your real estate needs. Need to buy, rent, sell, invest, or construct? WE GOT YOU!

Need to find your dream home to decorate for the holidays?

Treasure Property Group is on it! Contact us!



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