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We TREASURE your Dreams!


Treasure Property Group’s CEO and Broker Luban Quiceno just helped two amazing customers make their dreams come true!

Their stories are heartfelt and warming, which is why Treasure Property Group takes so much pride in telling the testimonials of our customers. We want people to know we are families working for families!

Mrs. Gacharna and her family were living in a townhouse and wanted to find a new home. Luban recommended some changes, such as painting the patio, changing the carpet on the stairs, and fixing up some details to better sell their existing home. With that done,  4023 Palm Bay Circle, in West Palm Beach Fl 33406 was put on the market.

The original listing price thought of was $169,000, but before putting it on the market Luban compared it to the other properties on the market and decided to list it for $179,000. In 3 days, it was UNDER CONTRACT!

The property was sold at FULL PRICE and there were no inconveniences throughout the transaction. It went so smoothly, which does not happen very often.

The house hunting began, and a NEW home was found for them. Mrs. Gacharna has always dreamed of owning a big house, and Treasure Property Group made that happen. It took some time though; finding the perfect home did not happen overnight.

A 5 bedroom home was put under contract for December. The contract did not go through, so  they looked into a 4 bedroom home, that would be available in January, almost 3 months later than was hoped for.  Although it was not what was planned, they decided to go with it. The day before the closing date, they received a phone call with the good news! The perfect property was waiting for them, and the moving date was November 23! They were going to be able to close the home early and move into the house of their dreams!

The joy was ecstatic! This wonderful family had finally achieved the most wonderful goal!


Luban holds Mrs. Gacharna and her family close to his heart.


“They are very special people,” Luban said. “She is a teacher, and Mr. Gacharna works in different areas of maintenance and more. Their son goes to PBAU so they wanted a home that wouldn’t be too far.”

Luban felt very blessed to have the opportunity to help this family find just what they needed.


But it does not end there! Broker Luban Quiceno and realtor Jenny Orozco recently closed the property

2803 Saranac in West Palm Beach Fl 33411!

This property belonged to an investor who was looking to sell it to pursue his house searching and buy his dream home.

“The property was in bad conditions,” Luban explained, “We told him it needed to be fixed up; to change the kitchen, the floors, the roof, and flip it around. And he did it. He remodeled the home.”

Luban continued to explain that “the appraiser came back for $30,000 less than we had expected. There were issues and obstacles we faced. But we fought for it. We negotiated and the property and sold it for the full price of $200,000. Both ends were very happy.”

Luban keeps working with the investor as he is now searching for his dream home, and Treasure Property Group is certain they will help him find it.

Luban has shown dedication, hard work, and family values to his customers. That is what Treasure Property Group is all about! We are making dreams come true! Are you next?


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