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Ugh Mondays… Am I Right?

Ugh Mondays… am I right? The start of a new week, what attitude do you have for the day?

Let’s talk about the difference your attitude can have on your ENTIRE week. Did you know that your attitude can affect and determine your success?

Everyone is going to face obstacles, but the way you perceive and interpret them is what makes a change.

When was the last time you faced a major setback? How did you feel? It is normal to feel upset, down, and angry when things don’t go the way as planned. But the thing is, you can’t predict or change that. What you CAN do, is manage your perspective towards situations. Remember, attitude is everything when it comes to moving forward and achieving a goal. It not only creates positive health, but it is transmitted to others. You can be the light in a dark room, and you can lead others down a successful path with your attitude.

How can you start changing your attitude?

1.Breathe. Coffee spilled on your white button up while running late? Breathe. Your co-worker called in sick last minute and you are stressed? Breathe. Your boyfriend broke up with you? Breathe…and ok, maybe cry a little. The point is, Take some time to breathe and recompose yourself. According to UCHealth Today, “Deep breaths are more efficient: they allow your body to fully exchange incoming oxygen with outgoing carbon dioxide. They have also been shown to slow the heartbeat, lower or stabilize blood pressure and lower stress.” So, when something does not go as planned, take a minute and breathe. It helps!


2. Give yourself the Pep-talk. Yea, that’s right. Give yourself a pep-talk. Start speaking positivity. What you say and how you think will be portrayed in your actions. The better you speak on situations, the better you can calmly walk through them. Feeling under qualified? Felling stressed? Felling anxious? That is normal. But how about you start speaking words of life. Tell yourself you will be alright, and that you can get through it. They say “you are your worst enemy,” so why don’t you become your biggest cheerleader as well?


3. Be Grateful! A study done by The Greater Good Magazine showed that “when people felt more grateful, their brain activity was distinct from brain activity related to guilt and the desire to help a cause. More specifically, we found that when people who are generally more grateful gave more money to a cause, they showed greater neural sensitivity in the medial prefrontal cortex, a brain area associated with learning and decision making.” What does this tell you? An attitude with gratitude is EVERYTHING! It might not always come naturally, but be consistent. Be aware. Make sure you are holding yourself accountable with the way you view your life.


Monday’s are not fun. The start of the week, the sleep depravation and coffee runs to stay awake. We get it. But Treasure Property Group cares about the community. And we want to make your week is as best as possible. Perhaps we motivated you today to watch out for the way you act in situations. How you can improve your attitude. Try it, you never know how much of a difference it can make!



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Understanding breathing and the importance of taking a deep breath







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