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    Top 5 Living Room Colors

    According to the article Top 5 Living Room Colors, the five types of colors used for any modern appeal for homes are green, gray, blue, beige, and black.

    The green is a harmony and renewal color, that is one of the best paint colors for a living room.

    Gray color is very common because it gives a feel of more spacious, elegant and a serene environment for a room.

    As it is mentioned in the article “Blue is Americans favorite color”. This color is calming, and gives a stabilizing effect in the home.

    Beige is a neutral color for interior design, and it gives a stunning and classic effect.

    Black is a more dramatic look, and it draws more attention. As it is also mentioned in the article “If the living room gets a lot of sun, black walls can temper the glare of natural light”.


    Treasure Property Group invites you to take into account these tips for when you purchase  a home with us you can have your favorite and most appealing colors for your home.

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