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Winner of the Kia car

This year, 4 companies came together to create a team that realizes dreams. Naming themselves “ComunidadGiveBack”, all 4 partners; Treasure Property Group, ATAX, DonCafe, and Greenway Kia decided to support and give back to their community and show what true family is all about.  

With different clientele and different services, these four businesses agreed on one thing, which was their love for the people, community, and their desire to make someone’s dream a reality. 

The event at Greenway Kia on Sunday 10/25/20 consisted of lots of fun, music, food, and friends. All 4 partners of ComunidadGiveBack were present to support such a wonderful community and raffle a Kia Car, in a campaign called #GiveBackAmor. 

With a successful afternoon and new formed relationships, the campaign soon proved to be not only a beautiful movement, but a touching one as well. 

Adolfo Ochoa, from Guatemala was the lucky winner of the Kia Car Raffle! But his story is one that left many people speechless and plenty of hearts warm. 

A loyal client to ATAX, Adolfo and his wife Yaneth, have always been the type of people to give. Generosity does not even begin to describe them. 

Living in Okeechobee County for quite some time, the family moved to be closer to Yaneth’s mother who needed  strong support. Without a doubt they left and moved from their known home leaving behind comfortability to render a helping hand. 

A few months later, both Adolfo and Yaneth made the decision to further be a helping hand, and give Yaneth’s sister with 4 kids, their car. 

Their selfless persona, their tender and giving heart set this family apart. They gave from what they had. They put others first, and they never looked back on it. 

In need of a car, Adolfo didn’t hesitate to participate in the #GiveBackAmor raffle of a Kia car. Not only did his family put their faith in the campaign, but through doing so they were able to illuminate a light in the lives of those around them. 

 As the day finally came to announce the winner, Adolfo and his family crossed their fingers and kept high hopes as each name was taken out of the raffle bucket. 

The elimination process began, and names were pulled out. The last name was left in the bucket, and a wave of happiness filled Adolfo and his wife Yaneth, who became the winners of the Kia car!

Their gratitude toward ComunidadGiveBack was huge. And to add to that, some of their family members expressed to the 4 partners of the campaign that they were filled with joy and appreciation as well. It impacted their lives in more ways than could be said. 

Adolfo and his wife’s humble heart and testimony is what drives campaigns such as #GiveBackAmor to do what they do. Giving back to the community means more than a free car. It means showing people that in the midst of difficult times, there is hope. In the midst of uncertainty, there is a strong community that can be relied on and that can give back love.

At the end of this event, ComunidadGiveBack announced that there would be a new raffle for a brand new Kia car. 

This will be an ongoing raffle until December. So make sure to participate! You might be the next lucky winner!



Event photos:

The Partnerships Together 


Treasure Property Group Team


Announcing The Winner 

An Enjoyable Time


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