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Teammate Tuesday: The Calderon Group

The Calderon sisters portray what a true family team looks like. Damaris Calderon and Yaneth Calderon got their real estate license together after being stay-at-home moms and having other jobs. They came together to create a power group in 2017.

Both being wives and mothers, they have seen how great and rewarding being agents with Treasure Property Group has been. For them, family is what is most important, and they have created new relationships with their customers where they can now call them family as well.

The Calderon Sisters hold faith and spirituality close to their heart. They make sure to humbly serve the community with all they can, and to continue to learn the needs of their customers. For the Calderon Group, working with people is more than a business transaction. It’s a dream come true. Buying a home is one of the greatest moments in life, and the Calderon Group strives to give professional help and be a friend. Their expertise and friendly manner makes people feel comfortable and well-guided. They align themselves with the company’s slogan, “Your Trust, Our Treasure” as they value each customer and home sold.

Damaris Calderon said that her family has motivated her to accomplish everything she has.

“My husband told me to go for it. I had been a stay at home for my four daughters for almost 15 years… I was very fearful about going into the work field. But I trusted God, and I used the motivation of my family, and it has been a great decision. I love it.” Damaris said.

Yaneth Calderon also exclaimed that her family has been her biggest inspiration throughout her years.

“My family has definitely inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. They push me to do better every day.” Yaneth said.

The two sisters love working together because they use both their strengths and opportunities to work their best and make dreams come true. They are glad they took the leap of faith to work at Treasure Property Group. If they had to do it again, they would choose Treasure in a heart beat.

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