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#SuccessStories, this is Marie Belizaire Grant

When it comes to organization and productivity, Marie Belizaire is the one to admire. These characteristics have helped her develop a strong role as the Transactions and customer service coordinator at Treasure Property Group. Starting off as an intern, she is one of #Treasure’sSuccessStories as she became a strong part of the operations team.


Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in a small city near Miami and Broward County called Hallandale Beach, Marie has always had a passion for real estate. She would spend her time with her younger sister looking at houses in different states and admiring the architecture and interior designs. Today, she has the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams of owning a home or helping people find a place to create and build their homes.


For Marie, her job is all about the people. She enjoys learning every time she enters the office and working with others who motivate and inspire her. Her organizational skills are definitely one of the many strengths that allow her to succeed, in addition to her dedication, willingness to learn and take in corrections. Her hobbies include writing short stories, novels, poetry, and reading. Stop by the office to chat with Marie about her plans to publish her first novel and become a soon published author!

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