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#SuccessStories: Andres Povis

Meet Andres Povis! He started off as a Software and Tech Engineer intern. Rapidly, he displayed his strengths and eagerness to work and learn, allowing him to become another #SuccessStory at Treasure Property Group.

When it comes to critical thinking and problem solving, Andres Povis is your go-to guy. Originating from Peru, Andres  has always found himself infatuated with learning and developing skills through different experiences. Graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Informational Technology, he pursued opportunities in teaching computer programming at Palm Beach State College. His personal knowledge management skills and communication competence allows him to build connected relationships with the people he encounters. Throughout his career he has developed strong note-taking skills, data analysis adroitness, clean coding and troubleshooting techniques, as well mechanical and marketing proficiency.

He is motivated by being an asset to a team that proudly serves families and the community. He enjoys bringing his knowledge to a workspace surrounded by business minds that have nurtured his growth. The Treasure Property Group environment aligned with his inclination provided him with the chance to lead and instruct other associates. A fitness lover, Andres considers himself an accomplished hiker, as he enjoys doing so in his free time alongside programming, running, and lifting. Stop by the office to chat with Andres about his crazy mountain hiking experiences in Peru!

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