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    Redecorating Your Kitchen? How about Marble?

    Rumor has it marble countertops may not be as expensive as everyone thinks them to be! These stunning and elegant countertops are actually affordable, durable, heat resistant, long-lasting, and distinctive!

    Marble is the least expensive of the four natural stones.  Of course, the cost does vary based on the size and thickness chosen. But compared to the other three stones: granite, quartz, and soapstone, you can count on marble to be the least expensive one.

    As a natural stone, you can rely on marble to be resistant to cracks, scratches, and even breaking. So don’t worry about your son banging his juice cup on the counter as your cat holds on for dear life with its claws while your two-year-old daughter drags them away for playtime. Your classic marble countertops won’t be damaged!

    Speaking of damage, if you accidentally place your hot pan on them, that’s fine! Marble is heat resistant so that it won’t burn or catch fire! No longer do you have to worry about your husband trying to make a romantic breakfast and accidentally knock the candles down! But it would be wise to place hot pans or pots with protection to preserve the countertop’s finish.

    Marble countertops last a lifetime! These distinctive countertops with unique patterns, when properly installed, sealed, and maintained, last longer than any other natural stone countertops.

    We want you to TREASURE and VALUE your home! So if purchasing marble countertops give you JOY, let us help with that! TRUST us with your TREASURE!


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