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Part of Your Family, Part of OUR Family

“When you help someone as if they were part of your family, they make you part of theirs,” said one of our many talented agents Jenny Orozco.  

Treasure Property Group values putting customers first! Our agents embody this in every interaction made with our clients, who have become our family! Jenny’s client put her trust in her, as all her clients do! We have many gifted agents in whom you can put your trust in!   

Jenny’s client was confident she could sell her home and help her purchase a new one. Jenny did just that! With every transaction, there are unique hurdles to overcome! But do not worry; our agents know their way around various obstacles.

In this closing, Jenny’s client had a dog. Unfortunately, in the new villa, dogs are not allowed only service dogs. That did not stop Jenny from finding a way to certify the dog as a service dog so her client can bring her pet to her new home. As Jenny guided her through the process, her client trusted her enough to do everything Jenny told her to do, and they got it done in no time. 

“I am grateful to have this gift where I can make people feel comfort and trust. I am blessed beyond belief and always grateful to all my clients for the trust they place in me!” Jenny exclaimed.

We always have our clients’ best interests at heart. Jenny was able to sell her client’s house for the highest market value. In doing so, she purchased her new home with the money she made from the sale and saved the remaining amount. We tell you what most of our agents say to their clients–buying a home is like a savings account. 

“You can always take out what you invested with a real estate investment, but never with a rental,” said Jenny.

Take it from us; buying is always a good idea! Renting should be done under certain circumstances! Come into our office and learn more about buying versus renting!

Need more information! Don’t be afraid to contact us right now! We VALUE your dream home! So TRUST us with your TREASURE! We are families working for families and we mean it!

Get in contact with our many great agents!


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