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Our Latest Recruitment! Meet Dany!

At Treasure Property Group, we are a family that grows and succeeds together. We are a team that works diligently. A team that values trust. A team that celebrates together. A team that gives families TREASURE.

Today we are chatting with our latest recruitment, Dany Dardon. We got to know about his upbringing, accomplishments, and goals as he ventures into the world of real estate.


Hi Dany, how are you today?

I’m Great, thank you for having me

Let’s get to know you, what are your hobbies?

I love books, I have a passion for writing you could say. I’m actually a published author.

Where did you go to school?

I did 5 years of law school in Guatemala, University of Mariano Galvez

What introduced you to real estate?

A large percentage of the economy depends on real estate, I love the business. Both commercial and industrial real estate interests me and I want to help others and give back to the community. I’m always learning, constantly.

What is your experience like?

I have plenty of experience in Sales positions. I understand the market, I know how to negotiate. Sales is one of my pillars, aside from my passion for law.

What is your favorite thing about it?

Interpersonal relationships with people. Connecting with others make it all worth loving

What are some of your strengths that help you in your job?

Negotiation skills, building relationships that last

What motivates you to do it? Who inspires you?

My family. I have 4 kids… 3 boys and 1 girl.

Why did you choose Treasure? 

It’s a company that works on an ethical base. I see a family here. They support and provide trainings, they care for you, and you can tell it’s led by integrity.

Why should someone work with you?

Because I am an honest man. I have integrity and I work hard. I genuinely care about supporting families. My goal is to establish strong relationships and help others accomplish their dreams.

Stop by the office to say hi to our newest agents! Coffee on us ?

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