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Meet Wendy Cifuentes, one of our newest talented agents!


Meet Treasure Property Group’s newest addition to our team of agents, Wendy Cifuentes! From starting as a Chick-fil-a  manager to becoming a real estate agent, Wendy brings her many qualities to represent the values of Treasure! 

While staying on top of being busy with work and family, Wendy is a high-flier who ironically doesn’t like flying. Still,  traveling is one of Wendy’s favorite hobbies, she takes joy in hiking in the mountains, going on mission trips and sightseeing around the world, however this athletic realtor does more than just the outdoors. 

From being promoted to manager at Chick-fil-a at the age of 18 to graduating from FAU with a bachelors at 21, she became a real estate agent at 23, and is passionate about the industry. Her previous job helped her develop the people skills she needed to form authentic interpersonal relationships and help families achieve their home goals. Wendy displays a great deal of dedication and constant learning.

Yet, all of this drive cannot all be derived from one person…Wendy’s biggest motivation are her parents. They have always been very supportive both financially and emotionally and have encouraged her to keep pursuing her dreams. As Wendy continues to flourish in her real estate career, she envisions herself flipping houses and being the trustworthy point of reference for new homeowners.

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