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Meet Marilyn Solano

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Barranco, Marilyn Solano has always been a go-getter. She was raised by a single mother and three sisters, who have given her a total of eight gorgeous nephews and nieces. Upon graduating High School, Marilyn decided to study Pharmaceutical Sales at Ricardo Palma Institute, San Isidro, Lima. Unfortunately, the year 2002 brought heartbreaking challenges to her family’s life as her mother got sick with cancer which resulted in her passing. Her motivation and dream-pursuing nature was a trait her mother gave her, and therefore she kept moving forward. In 2003 Marilyn moved to the U.S, arriving in Rochester, N.Y, and later moved to Middletown P.A. As much as she enjoyed the mountains and the white snow, she felt destined elsewhere and wanted to chase after those dreams. With it’s warm weather, embracing beaches, and joyful neighbors, West Palm Beach, Florida winked at Marilyn and she instantly fell in love.  Thrilled about finally finding a home state, fulfilling her dreams was the next step. After many job opportunities in 2016, Marilyn decided to go back to school to initiate her second career, finishing an associate degree at Palm Beach State College. When finishing her associates, Palm Beach Atlantic University offered a great Psychology program that she couldn’t deny and she went for it. And just like a good romance novel, in the midst of a busy life between work and studies, Marilyn met an incredible man, Felipe, who is now her husband, best friend, companion, and mentor. 

In February of 2021, Marilyn decided to take a leap of faith and venture out into the Real Estate field. With no hesitation she called Treasure Property Group because she knew exactly what kind of team she wanted to work with. Known for its impeccable, admirable, and trustful reputation; her excitement was endless when becoming a part of the Treasure family. Marilyn is thrilled to see where this journey will take her, and is simply enjoying every step of the way. In her free time, you can find Marilyn reading a good psychology book, scuba diving,  or spending time with her dog as she nurtures her love for animals. 

“ I am doing this because I genuinely want to help people and guide them in the best direction to reach their home ownership goals… I work to offer more than just business, but to offer a trustworthy friendship as well.” -Marilyn Solano. 

Marilyn says her biggest motivation is her past and her mother. It helped her grow into the person she is today.

“My biggest motivation is my past because I know the meaning of pain, loneliness, embarrassment, and hard work. After being a victim of an emotional and psychological relationship, I promised myself to become a better version of myself. I also want to honor my mother, she raised me and my three sisters by herself, gave us the best education, and wanted us to succeed. She showed me the first steps, and I feel I will finish her work in me.”

With the great adventure of real estate ahead, Marilyn looks forward to helping families find their TREASURE.

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