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Meet JP, Treasure’s new member with a dream and a camera!

What introduced you to film and photography?

I got into film and photography, by chance surprisingly, I was really into drawing and animation at first. Then I was seeing how images can be just as beautiful either in a video or photograph and they can have a story behind them, which was another aspect I fell in love with. To capture real life and potentially have a voice with that/those image(s) drew me in.


What was the dream as a kid?

As a child I wanted to be an animator, I wanted to draw cartoons and live off of that basically. I loved cartoons since day 1 and always dreamt of making my own cartoon with its own story.


Who supported your journey?

My family always supported me in whatever I wanted, they accepted my pursuit through college being a film major and my love for movies, my friends and partners (current and past) were always ready to work with me and help me out with a passion project I would have.


Where did you get your degree?

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors degree in Multimedia Studies.


What/who was your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation is learning new things and expanding the skills I already have. The pursuit to better than I was yesterday really keeps me going.


How has treasure been a part of the journey?

Treasure Property Group helped my journey by really putting me out there in terms of my comfort zone. Treasure gave me the opportunity to create videos and edit them, giving an urgency and sort of a mission to keep me consistent in my path. The freedom to try out new things and learn along the way, Treasure played a big hand on where I am today.

How was the internship experience?

My internship experience was a lot of fun for lack of a better words! A friendly environment and amazing co-workers, it felt like I was part of a team that pushed me to new limits.


8. How did it feel going from intern to Film and Photography coordinator?

Going from an intern to an employee felt like an honor almost, like I was chosen from the work I’ve been producing, to stick around and continue the path. At first it felt like a lot of pressure, but soon enough I felt right at home.

9. What advice do you have for other content creators? Why are internships important? 

My advice for other content creators is, to always show up. Consistency is probably the biggest key when it comes to creating, especially since no one will listen to your idea if you have nothing to show for it. Creators need to stay on a rhythm so they don’t get lost in artist block and also not get burnt out. Internships are important as they can be like a baker and their bread, they help kneed the dough, as if to stretch the creator to new skills, adventuring and broadening horizons.

What is the future dream?

My dream is to freely create / work in major motion pictures, and to work with creative projects beyond just film ie. music, fashion, dance



Learn about the Film and photography Internship:


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