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Let’s talk New Construction


Let’s Talk New Construction Homes

Known for the marvelous beaches and exclusive boutiques, Palm Beach Florida is one of the most attractive cities people consider moving to. Although it has never been harder to make decisions in life as it is now, it is important to know that you have a trustworthy partner in such uncertain times. Florida suburbs allow easier ways to stay six feet apart, with the spacious homes/communities.  With new construction taking place in multiple areas, the market keeps expanding and the opportunity to find your dream home is increasing. 


Looking for new construction? Let me help you with that. Treasure Property Group is the perfect place to go for the best guidance and support when property searching. By the end of this article, you’ll be affirmed on some great reasons why you should look into new construction homes, you will understand why going with Treasure property Group is the right path when property hunting, and how we can benefit you in more ways than one. Trust me, what I am about to share with you, is treasure. 


Why new construction is a great place to look for your dream home


There are several reasons as to why looking to buy new construction homes is a good investment. Low-maintenance costs is one. The modern appliances do not require as much care and maintenance, presenting you with the financial freedom of not having to budget as much for repairs and updates. 


Have you ever sat to watch house hunting shows on tv and just fell in love with the modern house designs? With new construction homes, it can become more than just an admiration, but a possibility for you to live in. The innovations are also energy efficient, so why not be more environment friendly while you’re at it. New construction homes are bright and designed to inspire you and leave you feeling brand new and fresh. 


They also don’t come alone. A community with features and amenities are a bonus that you gain. Clubhouses, pools, gyms and courts activate a lifestyle for you when you purchase a new construction home. 


To add on to the list of great qualities, these homes have great warranties. The builder will give you peace of mind because you know that you are protected. 

What are the benefits of going with Treasure Property Group?


Treasure Property Group takes pride in being able to provide expert advice. Any questions or concerns that customers have can be answered with the simplicity of a text or call. The phrase “we are here for you” has never fit a company so well as it does Treasure Property Group. We live it out, we dedicate our expertise and knowledge to help better the real estate experience. No confusion, no games, just real experts assisting real customers find a real home.


“We want customers to feel supported in every way possible,” Chief operating officer Hugo Berrio said, “It is important for a customer to know what they should pick in their new home, what to look for to ensure that their property has value, and how to learn what each community has to offer.” 


Knowing what to look for in a property’s surroundings and what the best purchases for an increased value in a property is important. Our experts take time to study their customer’s needs to assure they can make the best decisions possible for their property. 


Treasure Property Group is a very family-oriented company. We want you to know you are in great hands, and that we care for you. 

Our vision is to inspire others to a different life through ethics, values, and care earning their loyalty and trust because that is what we TREASURE!


“The beautiful thing about coming to work with Treasure is that you become part of a family,” Berrio said. “Not only when you are selling or purchasing a home, but even after. We invest in you, we invite you to events, and keep you updated and integrated within our community.”


The diversity of our group is what creates such a welcoming environment. Our website provides insight on each of our team members, so you could even choose who you believe will be the best match for you in working towards your real estate needs. 


Treasure is a people company with the understanding that behind every sold or purchased home, a family realizes a dream. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that we provide the best of the best. That is why we partner with new communities and construction, to expand and market new dream homes that we can present to our customers. 

How to start looking for the perfect property 


Looking for the right property can be stressful, but that is why Treasure Property Group has your back. We want to guide you through the process, and help you find more than just a house, we want to help you find a home. 


We make sure to give you all the information you need, and be considerate of your time. You are the priority! 

To start your home search just contact us here at Treasure. We’ll make sure to work with you and send you properties that you want or help market a property you want to sell. Really, we do it all! 


Your Trust is Our Treasure 


With new construction communities rising in the market, we want to make sure you are set and supported in the process of your home search. New construction homes are great to be considered, visited and researched, so that you know you made the perfect purchase. Treasure property Group is ready to work when you are because we value our family. Remember it’s your TRUST, our TREASURE. 


By Daniella Parra

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