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    Home Must-Haves; The Porch

    By definition, a porch is a covered structure that is attached to a house, usually through the front or back door (though it can also serve as an extension of, say, a living room).

    By living standards it is a place where we often go to have our coffee, to enjoy some relaxation, or take a break from work. The stress that a day can provide should be let out through an enjoyment of time. The porch can provide that. A porch is one of the most intimate and beautiful rooms in a house. Not a room of daily use, but when used it often steals the “highlight of the day.”

    Wy does this matter? Because as you get ready to buy your home, we want to make sure you are aware of your personal “Must-haves” for your dream property. Is this something you need, or perhaps you can live without?


    When buying a property, it is important to know your “house hunting love language.” What attracts you? What repels? How can you make sure you will be satisfied for a long time? Think of happy living. Enjoying the moments. Embrace slow living.  Is a porch a “must-have” in your home search?


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