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From intern to licensed real estate agent, Christian Horner!

Meet Christian Horner, one of Treasure Property Group’s newest agents to the family! Christian keeps a busy academic life by being a part of the baseball team at Palm Beach Atlantic University and holds a position as President of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at PBA. Outside of school, Christian has a younger brother, is very passionate about rockets and learning about aerospace engineering, a huge dog lover, and is always down to venture on new road trips and experience new places. We asked a few other questions to get to know more about Christian as his passion for real estate and business helped shape him into the businessman he is today.

What got you into business and sales?
I have always been interested in business and sales. I am a business major at PBAU and feel like the sales aspect of business fits my personality best! Being a college athlete, I was constantly having to sell myself and my athletic abilities to college coaches all throughout my junior and senior years of high school. It really developed that side of me and a hunger inside of me better than anything else has before.

What was the dream as a kid?
As a kid, all I wanted to do was play Major League Baseball.

Who supported your journey?
My family has supported my journey throughout my entire life. They are the people closest to me and have done everything for me.

Where did you graduate/go to school?
I graduated high school at Keswick Christian School in St. Petersburg, Florida and I am currently finishing up a degree in Business at PBAU.

What is your biggest motivation?
My motivation comes from simply wanting to do more. I have a passion to keep advancing and learning new things. That is my motivation.

How has Treasure been a part of the journey?
It was due to my passion of wanting to keep learning new things that I got involved with Treasure in the first place. Treasure has educated me on so many aspects of the real estate industry and have taught me how to carry myself. I am thankful for Treasure.

How was the internship experience?
The internship experience was great. I had meaningful work to do each and every day and I would recommend interning at Treasure to anyone. I learned so much during my time as an intern.

How did it feel going from intern to agent?
It felt great! I always knew that I would be making that jump at some point, but once I was finally able to make it happen, I was thrilled. A ton of work went into that leap from both myself as well as Treasure. I am thankful for all the help I was able to get.

What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs/business minds? Why are internships important? 
Internships are great because it is a hands on way to learn. I’d recommend internships to anyone. It is a great way to gain experience while learning how to do things within an industry.

What is the future dream? 
Once I wrap up my baseball career (whenever that may be), I want to launch a successful career as a real estate agent and open up my own brokerage sometime down the road.

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