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    Finding Dream Homes All Over Florida!

    Congratulations to the Calderon Group for Closing two properties in St. Augustine Florida!

    Damaris Calderon and Yaneth Calderon are sisters who have been working with Treasure Property Group for about 3 years. They formed the Calderon Group and became known as the “wonder sisters”.

    This month, they traveled to the historical town of St. Augustine to help 2 wonderful families who just moved down here from New York find their dream homes.

    Oscar Merchan and his wife Angelica fell in love with not only Florida’s beauty, but also the historical value that St. Augustine has. They decided to pack their bags and move, bringing Oscar’s little boy Issac along.

    Oscar’s cousin Harley and his wife Cristina also wanted to leave the crowded city and skyscrapers, and replace them with palm trees and breezy nights.

    “We wanted to move to the Floridian paradise, the warm weather, and the vacation beaches,” Oscar Merchan said.

    They visited West Palm Beach first, but after a small vacation to St. Augustine, their hearts were captured and their minds were made up. They had found their dream town and couldn’t wait to settle in.

    “It was an honor getting to work with both families,” realtor Damaris Calderon said, “we wanted to guide them and help them find their dream properties so that they can have their happy place to create long-life memories.”

    Pictured: Agent Damaris Calderon with Angelica and Oscar Merchan



    After several weeks of house touring and property hunting, Harley and his wife also found the perfect place.

    Pictured: Harley and his wife Cristina in front of their new home

    “The house hunting process was fun, we had never really branched out in property searching in St. Augustine, so getting to visit and see the beauty of it was great,” realtor Yaneth Calderon said, “I want to thank Oscar and his family, as well as Harley and his family for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of this dream!”


    Pictured: Community sight seeing in St. Augustine


    Treasure Property Group is more than just a real estate brokerage. We are a family, who helps families. At Treasure, we create real relationships with customers, and make sure that dreams become realities.

    It’s your TRUST, our TREASURE!


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