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    Community@Treasure: New Hope Charities


    Treasure Property Group is big on being a part of the community and giving back to others.

    This weekend on April 24th, Treasure went out to Palm Beach Gardens alongside community relations consultant Meghan Buser to support the charity event for New Hope Charities, a multi-service facility serving Pahokee, Canal Point, Belle Glade and South Bay, Florida. One of their programs includes an after school initiative for children ages 5-12, where they receive tutoring and homework assistance as well as recreational activities.

    New Hope Charities volunteer Linda Nehrboss, 61, has spent the past 10 years dancing Zumba on her birthday. Her reason? To raise money for this grass-roots food distribution program that provides services to men, women and children that live in these remote and impoverished communities.

    Zumba Dancing Beginnings

    Linda found out about the organization when she simply wanted to set up a donation for a charity. She fell in love with the children at New Hope Charities, and has been helping raise money alongside her best friend and Zumba dance partner, Jeanne Knott, ever since. 

    “The children are very dear to my heart.” Linda said. “I get choked up talking about it.” 

    Belle Glade and Pahokee have been ranked in the top poorest cities in Florida. According to the United States Census Bureau, the percentage of high school graduates of persons ages 25 or older in 2015-2019, was 60.8%. The percentage of a Bachelor’s degree or higher was 8.1%. 

     The dance partners visit the children in these cities multiple times a year.

    “We do Zumba just for those kids, and when they see Jeanne and Linda come in they know they’re getting some Zumba.” Jeanne said. “It’s really adorable…and it’s rewarding for us.”

    Linda and Jeannie have partnered with several other Zumba instructors who come out to support the organization. 

    “I love watching people let go, have fun, and have an outlet.” Volunteer and Zumba instructor Joanna Cavalcante said. “And to be able to do it for a cause is like the icing on the cake.”

    This year was the first time they did their Zumba lessons outdoors in light of the pandemic. This allowed for plenty of new faces to show up. 

    The Goal

    Their goal is to get the kids a bigger van that can transport the kids to their afterschool program. When Nehrboss first started hosting charity zumba dances she raised $300. Today she is up to $5,300. 

    “We love to see each other and have a community of living kind souls.” Volunteer Susan Carlisle said. “It’s a thread that keeps us all together.”

    Giving Treasure

    It was a pleasure being able to be a part of such a wonderful event and celebration. Treasure helped bring awareness of such a significant cause, and dance some Zumba along the way!

    Treasure Property Group wants to do more than just serve the community, but also be a part of it. By supporting New Hope Charities, Treasure gets to send love and advocate for the children in the more impoverished communities of Florida. The end goal is to find TREASURE, and give TREASURE. In more ways than one.

    Learn more about New Hope Charities:

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    • Jane Maestro

      Written on

      Linda is one of our best friends and favorite volunteer EVER! We love her and more grateful than we can express! Thanks to her and Jeanne our kids not only have a blast doing Zumba but they also will get a new van to bring them to our center. And it’s the second Zumba van! Thanks so much from all of us at New Hope Charities.

      • Daniella Parra

        Written on

        We love New Hope Charities! Thank you for all you do!


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