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    Don’t press play yet!

    COMMUNITY@TREASURE is going on pause… but not for long!

    We are in the process of bringing the community a new form of content that can be treasured by all. We are so excited to present this new project that will be coming back Thursday, November 5, 2020.

    What can you expect?

    Have you ever wondered what the best Friday night restaurant is? Or perhaps what events to take your family to while they visit you here in South Florida? Do you want to learn more about your community and everything it has to offer?

    We hope you say yes,  because COMMUNITY@TREASURE will be providing all the content you need and want!

    We will be talking to different restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, local businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs and more. We want to discover and show the people how great South Florida is and all the wonders it offers.

    We will be doing reviews, blog posts, and talk to a diverse group of people, that will help build COMMUNITY@TREASURE.

    What is coming up next? 

    Up next you can expect to see the new host. The face of COMMUNITY@TREASURE. We loved Hugo, but it’s out with the old, and in with something new (No offense Hugo!) We can’t wait for you to meet the new host Daniella Parra and what she will bring to the show.

    Some of our upcoming episodes include visiting one of the community’s favorite restaurant; Las Delicias De La Abuela! We will be trying some signature dishes as well as understanding what makes the restaurant so great and popular as it is.

    You’ll also be seeing an episode where we talk to young entrepreneurs, and gain perspective on what led them to start their business and the challenges they have or are facing.

    And best, you’ll be seeing more of the team. You’ll know our agents, and get insight on how Treasure Property Group manages a day in the life of a real estate brokerage.

    Alright, no more spoilers, you’ll have to tune in to know more.


    Get involved

    We also want feedback. Where do you want to see us go? What do you want to have us try? YOU are the director. The community is the stage. The content is the treasure.

    Not only do we want you to watch the show, but would you like to participate? We would love to chat with YOUR business or company! There will be opportunities to talk to COMMUNITY@TREASURE and have us show the community what your role is. How you give back to the people, and why being involved is so important.



    Get Ready

    Again, we are so excited for the development of this project. We hope to see you connect!

    In the meantime, stay updated with our postings, connect with us and the community, and grab some popcorn for our next COMMUNITY@TREASURE.

     Don’t miss us too much!



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