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Coffee Talks! Denise Gonzalez

Wife, mom, and realtor, many might not know the extensive experience Denise has had in the Aviation industry. Through that job, she met her special someone.

“It was definitely NOT love at first sight!” Denise exclaims. But eventually their hearts connected, and she married her now husband and father of 2 kids, Nuno Da Silva.

Becoming a Real Estate agent allowed Denise to be 100% present in her career and with her family. She prioritizes both her customers and her personal life, and wanted to dedicate her full professionalism and passion for both. Real estate let her do that.


Denise has helped many families accomplish their dreams of becoming home owners. Her own experience with the home process made her realize that she wanted to make the journey smoother for others, and answer the questions she wished she got responded. Her efforts to being the best in her profession is what makes her reliable. Her clients’ trust, is her TREASURE.

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