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Chatting with the CEO and Broker: The Treasure Newsletter

Earlier this week we got to chat with Treasure Property Group’s CEO and Broker Luban Quiceno about an established project that was in the works for the past month. With excitement, he told us about the Treasure Newsletter that would be provided to all of Treasure’s valuable customers and the amazing community.

“Our goal to bring value to our customers, and it doesn’t stop when we find them their dream home, it goes beyond that! With monthly market stats, investment advice, recent celebrity gossip, and real estate news, we get to deliver the perfect crafted newsletter” Luban said.

What sparked the beginnings of the Newsletter?

Luban shared that the team at Treasure constantly looks for ways to express trust and value to people. After several missions of brainstorming, they figured, what better way to stay in contact with loyal customers than a newsletter?
By sharing up-to-date happenings around the community, people would be informed and interested and it would compliment the experience with Treasure Property Group.

Can you explain the ‘Why’ ?

“It’s all about the people. Our motto is ‘Families Working For Families’ and we take that very seriously,” Luban said. “The content that the Newsletter will provide will be directed by the community itself! We want to know what people want to receive, we want feedback. We aren’t selling you something, we are giving you knowledge and ideas. We are giving you an experience.”

What is the type of content people will see?

The different proposals the Treasure Newsletter will have include:

  • Market Analytics: Including median sales prices, homes sold, and interest rates
  • Star Properties of the month: Including the best sold homes and a treasured story behind them
  • Popular news: Including celebrity gossip, who just moved down south, new architecture models, and more!
  • Real estate news: Including interior design ideas, best tips in regards to selling, buying, or investing.
  • Inside scoop on Investments: Including tips on where to start, and ways that Treasure can guide you through the process.
  • Popular Florida destinations: Including the best cities to visit and what is happening near you!

How often will it be received?

The Newsletter will be sent out monthly with the diverse portfolio of updates.

“Each email will be thoughtfully crafted to make sure our customers enjoy what they read,” Luban said. “As always, their TRUST is our TREASURE, and we look forward to sharing ours.”

Newsletter Preview

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