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Celebrating with TREASURE!

Yesterday Treasure Property Group had a fun festive holiday celebration!

We love spending time with friends and family as we enjoy the little moments.

Although the year 2020 has been very difficult for all of us, we still try to find light and hope in every situation.

Let’s recap some of our highlights of the year:

  • Treasure helped many families find their dream homes
  • Treasure introduced new agents to the company and in a larger variety of counties
  • Treasure introduced new staff members to the company
  • Treasure moved to a bigger office
  • Treasure helped give away a car with GiveBackAmor
  • Treasure is helping raffle ANOTHER car
  • Treasure created an internship program that introduced great people to the company
  • Treasure formed a strong COMMUNITY@TREASURE team to engage with the community
  • Treasure increased the potential in TPG Property Management
  • Treasure traveled to Colombia to hold educational seminars for investors
  • Treasure dreamt BIG, and accomplished BIG THINGs!

This is just the beginning what is to come. Treasure is keeping the royal head high to keep helping families find achieve their dreams!!

We want you to be a part of the family!! Celebrate with Treasure!

Are you looking to move into your dream home? Do you need help selling or renting? Let us guide you. TRUST us with your TREASURE!!

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