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A Better Life, A Happier Family

It all starts with a dream.

Ismael and his family were forced to move to the United States from Venezuela, due to the political situation. After having a healthy lifestyle and profession in Venezuela, leaving everything behind was unimaginably difficult. Quite reasonably why this story is so impactful… the rebuilding of a new life in a different country helps mark this family as an inspiration.  They have not stopped working hard to rebuild a better life, and accomplish the dreams that seemed at one point so far.

Only moving to the United States a couple years ago, Ismael has accomplished many things, and considers himself an entrepreneur. He delights in being able to say that his skills fill a broad portfolio, from photography and selling cars, to working for different companies.

One of the happiest accomplishments is being able to offer his wife Carmen and two little boys a better life and an inspiring future.

Ismael and Carmen are now home buyers! They moved forward with purchasing a home in Lake Worth, Florida.

The day of this dream can not be explained with words.

“Thank you Ismael and Carmen for trusting me and Treasure Property Group. We are grateful that you have allowed us to be a part of this new chapter in your life” says realtor Angelica Berrio.

Angelica went on to explain that the most amazing part of this process was that they started off as her customers, and ended up as her friends.

“The relationship we have built makes me realize why I love to do what I do. After every closing, I still keep in contact with my customers. Whether it is business related or not, they know they can call me for whatever they need because I truly value each friendship made. ”

And the smiles on the faces of everyone while holding their dream home keys is enough to tell the world that by dreaming big, treasure can be found.




Congratulations to Angelica Berrio for helping such a beautiful family, find a beautiful home!

This is what Treasure Property Group is about. We value our customers, and are grateful to be able to help the community make dreams come true!



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