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2 Rental Closings in Less Than a Month!

At Treasure Property Group, we take our customers seriously. We value their trust, and therefore we work hard to give them treasure.

Congratulations to Melina Herrera for closing 2 rentals in less than one month!

7500 NW 25th Street 108, Miami FL is a unit showroom/office space that features a beautiful landscape. It is now off the market!


The spacious 6555 SW 55th Lane is a 3 BR/3 BA in a stunning location surrounded by trees, and open areas. This gorgeous property is now a closed rental!



Treasure Property Group is on a roll, with our agents making sure we are giving the community the best service possible. Remember, its your TRUST, our TREASURE!


Congratulations Melina!


Give us a review! How much do you love Treasure Property Group?




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