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Hugo Berrio

O: (561) 460-9494

Your Trust, Our Treasure

Hugo is what you may know as a born business executive.

His managerial traits and leadership skills were shaped into him from an early age by his family, who exposed him to the family business and responsibilities before he was 15 years old. Hugo recalls traveling abroad from as early as his late teens to lead and help his family business with international transactions, negotiate with vendors, and close on business opportunities. This early exposure to business responsibilities gives Hugo a unique perspective and ability to execute on ideas.

His business skills were noticed by major business brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, company for which he worked for over 10 years in different operational capacities. This experience served Hugo well, and another major industry brands came looking for his leadership skills. This time Hugo had the opportunity to transition into the technology and retail field when Apple hired him to work in their retail operations and global expansion. Hugo had the opportunity to help Apple with its global expansion in Asia, and Europe.

Today, he leads our operations at Treasure Property Group, where he has brought his enthusiastic holistic and motivating leadership approach.

Come by our office, say hi to Hugo and ask him about his time in Dubai, Rome, or what is the best place to invest in Florida. Not only will Hugo be able to help you but will also have some entertaining stories for you.

Photo of Hugo Berrio
Hugo Berrio
Chief Operating Officer
Treasure Property Group
579 N State Road 7
Royal Palm Beach FL 33411

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